Paulie’s Counter Culture -Kylen Tamboong

Kylen Tamboong was born and raised in Houston, Texas and now resides in the Cypress area.  Though he is of Filipino ethnicity, he is one hundred percent pure Houstonian.



As a child, he found his love for food, always eager to taste what his mother and grandmother would put together.  Taking from their experiences and practice, Kylen was able to teach himself how to cook meals for himself and his family. It was because of this that he became a foodie.  A lover of all things edible and wasn’t afraid to try anything that was presented in front of him.  It was always a treat for him to come down to Houston and search for any new places that might catch his eye

His other interests other than food include cars, photography, and board sports.  Kylen’s passion for cars started when he was only four years old. Watching “The Fast and the Furious” back in 2001 began his automotive journey.  Meeting and connecting fellow car enthusiasts from all around the world.  I think it’s safe to say that his automotive “fire” will not die out anytime soon.

Kylen remembers his first camera dating back to the late 2000’s with those old kodak disposable cameras that his parents gave to him on trips to capture all the memories with his family.  From there, his love for photography grew exponentially. Now, Kylen has a small list of clients that can contact him for a shoot.  He is not a published photographer yet, but he hopes to be in the coming years.

Board sports are another of one of his big passions in life.  From skateboarding to surfboarding, Kylen has done it.  Right now he is aiming to further his skill for snowboarding and surfing after finally acquiring his first snowboard in December of 2017 and his two surfboards in April of 2018.

All of Kylen’s previous jobs have had a very high customer interaction base.  His first job was at a Sonic Drive-In in 2013 as a carhop and his previous job was at Parkway Chevrolet in Tomball.  He loves being able to interact with the customers at his jobs because he aims to provide a good impression for the customer.  Working as a barista at Paulie’s and interacting with the customers is a perfect fit for him.

As of right now, Kylen is studying at University of Houston as a Mechanical Engineering major and hopes to land a career in the energy industry after graduation.  Living in Houston and studying to be an Engineer. What more could he ask for?

This is Kylen’s first job in the Houston area and he is beyond excited to be working at Paulie’s.

He is especially excited to be working and focusing on the drinking aspect of the job expanding his knowledge of beer, wine, and coffee.

Paulie’s Counter Culture – Manny Herrera

Manny Herrera was born in Houston, TX in 1992 in the neighborhood of Kashmere Gardens.


 He attended Elliot ES in Denver Harbor, Hamilton MS in the Heights, and Waltrip High School in Garden Oaks/Oak Forest and graduated in 2010. He started college at the University of Houston in the fall of 2010 majoring in broadcast journalism.
He worked many jobs early in his life, clothes shop that his parents’ flea market, greeter and a child supervisor for a daycare at IKEA, then started college in 2010.
While in college, Manny worked at Costco in meat department and a baker.  Some of his other jobs include grilled cheese food truck, a truck named Coreanos and even cross-trained at the Burger Joint restaurant as kitchen manager.
Fortuitously, an old co-worker was in search of a bartender at Local Foods Restaurant. He had no bartending experience but got the job. The job was a blessing in disguise and it gave him the time to learn something new from scratch with great hours and brilliant staff.  He’s still working there, enjoys building relationships with his guests and catching up with regulars from the Tanglewood area.
Fall 2017, he started his first internship at ESPN Radio 97.5 as podcasting editor, promotions editor and learned to run the board.
A friend of a friend from Paulie’s mentioned an opening at the restaurant. Manny applied and got the job. So far, his experience at Paulie’s has been entirely welcoming and enjoyable. He especially loves cracking jokes with the back-of-the-house and working hard while having a good time with his fellow baristas.
Manny continues his education and currently learning French at school along with his studies in Broadcast Journalism.
In his free time, Manny enjoys playing the guitar, especially for strangers at the park or for his family, friends or S.O.. He hopes to record an album in the future. He also enjoys playing soccer competitively. Manny is also working on a Podcast, Carcast (a Podcast recorded while Manny drives around Houston) and a soccer podcast. He’s in a band with his brother and practices music with other Houston musicians on his rare free time.
In the future, Manny would like to coach soccer, teach guitar and perform more music in cafes, small venues and maybe one day a theater. He’d like that very much.

Paulie’s Counter Culture – Hunter Campbell

Although he’s a born-and-raised Texan, Hunter has only recently returned from an 8 yeah journey through the Pacific Northwest. An avid learner, and self-proclaimed nerd, Hunter is always excited to acquire and hone new skills.


Previously, Hunter has spent several years working as a Mental Health Counselor and Treatment Coordinator for both youth and adults, in inpatient and outpatient settings. He has dabbled in more hands on positions, such as HVA/C, being a track mechanic for a Pro3 racing team (competing in both Canada and the States), and even running his own small business performing metal fabrication, automotive restoration and modifications.
A lover of craft beverages, amazing food, good music, animals, motorsports, hammocks and anything outdoors — Hunter couldn’t be more excited to be a member of the Paulie’s family!

Paulie’s Counter Culture – Rob Garber

Rob has been at Paulie’s for half a year now and is loving every minute of it.


His most recent stint in the food industry, before working here, was on a high-volume food truck which, as he says, prepped him for the volume of customers this restaurant receives. Before working on the food truck, Robert drove for Uber and delivered for various restaurants all while going to school. He decided to start school after making up his mind that working as a home theater technician, low- voltage technician, then as a technician for a big cable provider was left better as a hobby than a career. He is currently attending University of Houston working on a Bachelors in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and does not see himself stopping with only a bachelor’s degree.

When he isn’t busy with work or school he spends his time catching up on the latest tv series, movie, or album (he loves recommendations). He lives in Spring but enjoys his drive to the loop as it gives him time to listen to new music. Although he loves catching up on the latest series, he gets restless at home and likes to visit cool spots downtown with friends (again, he loves recommendations)!

This a busy guy with a lot he put on his plate, regardless, he always has a smile on his face. You can see his smile from the second you walk in the front door welcoming you to our restaurant. He is excited to be a part of the Pauie’s team and absorb all the knowledge this restaurant has to offer such as wine, beer, coffee, and food, with a side of efficiency.

Paulie’s Counter Culture – Gin Kim

Born in Virginia but brought to Texas as a baby, Gin considers herself southern top to bottom. She’s spent the mass of her life in Houston where her family owned their own store and she attended school in Sugarland.  Her family’s shop sold just about everything from fake bedazzled chains to child pageant tiaras.


She claims to be born a Hufflepuff but became a Slytherin to survive in a Korean family. If she isn’t talking about Harry Potter and how desperately she wishes they would come out with a TV Show based on The Marauders, you’ll find her watching any Studio Ghibli film, creating a new voice and character for people she passes on the street, and feeding her friends like a grandma would minus the wrinkles. Her guilty pleasure might be her extreme love of coming of age films, even the bad ones. It’s her guilty pleasure that she doesn’t feel all that guilty about it. She would suggest Daydream Nation, it is wonderfully awful in the best way.

After years of helping with the family business, Gin figured out maybe family and business should be kept apart. She tried her hand at childcare and realized children may be the future but not hers. She was a receptionist and even delivered flowers. She enjoyed delivering flowers because it led her to unknown parts of the city. Also, she had the added pleasure of personally handwriting those lovely “Please forgive me” cards. The icing on the cake also came in the form of delivering said card and flowers to the attendees. “It’s like watching a movie unfold in front of your eyes.”  Flowers were not going to fix most of these.

Gin remembers passing Paulie’s in high school on her weekly ventures to Montrose for thrift shopping. It wasn’t until almost 10 years later she found herself actually stepping foot into the building. After one bite, she was hooked. The building she use to pass all the time became her haven for pasta. Years later while sitting at Paulie’s she vented to her boyfriend that she wished she could work at a place like Paulie’s. The faces were familiar, people were sticking around for a reason and everyone always had a smile behind the counter, which isn’t a common factor in the food industry. It wasn’t even a week later she found a job post online. As luck would have it, it was a position for a Barista at Paulies. Now she is one of those smiling faces with hopes to broaden her wine knowledge and master the way of latte art at Paulie’s!

Paulie’s Counter Culture – Eric Harris

Eric Harris was born in Houston, Texas in the Meyerland area. After a long childhood in China and experiences all around our great city, he once again lives in West Houston. He was a crafty child, eager to participate in every hands-on creative hobby (except quilting: “I got tired of measuring,” he says).


Eric’s time in southeast China made him an independent and self-reliant person, allowing him to focus on his growing devotion to reading and crafting. He also gained an appreciation for Asian food, which he loves to this day (though his dad was a fan of the American barbecue place in the city). However, it was in high school that Eric’s love of food blossomed. With his new driver’s license and bright red coupe, Eric could traverse the city to look for the best Chinese cooking reminiscent of his childhood. He also found an appreciation for cooking at home. “I was particularly good at baking,” Eric says. “I was constantly making different types of breads and cookies for my friends.” He began creating great culinary experiences in unlikely places, once even bringing a meal from home to the Galleria ice rink for an impromptu picnic.

It was during this time that Eric’s coffee horizon expanded as well. Out of the house, Eric could pursue new beverages, and soon realized his love of espresso beverages. He began searching the city for the perfect cup of joe. Day after day, Eric and his friends packed into his coupe, making lists and googling new places through which to explore Houston’s cafe culture.

After high school, Eric enrolled in general classes at HCC, eager to figure out his passion. In fact, Eric wanted to start in fashion. Realizing this wasn’t a feasible option, Eric tried to connect another hobby of his with a possible future career. He began taking classes in Chemistry after realizing that he could expand his boundless knowledge of perfumes with a scientific background. In addition, Eric took classes in traditional Japanese tea ceremony, through which he performed at the Japanese Festival in Herman Park. During this time, he began working at Central Market in the fish department. Despite not being a huge fan of seafood, Eric was resourceful and made the most of his experience. “Being in the fish department and not liking fish gave me the confidence to conquer any challenge in the service industry,” says Eric. He moved to the bulk department, where he could learn more of the background of coffee roasting and tasting. He also learned about beer and wine from his coworkers, further expanding his beverage repertoire. He would later use this knowledge while working at Whole Foods Market and Triniti Restaurant.

Never one to give up on his hobbies, Eric is following his other, other, other passion: music. He was surrounded by music in childhood as his mom jammed Metallica while baking (though his first cd was Aquarium by Aqua). Now, Eric is becoming a DJ under the moniker Jarmangad.

Eric has fond memories of Paulie’s — he came to the restaurant on his first date with his current boyfriend, over four years ago. Eric is excited to be at Paulie’s on the other side of the counter, serving artisan coffee and delicious food to the city he calls home.

Paulie’s Counter Culture – Stacy McCool

Yes, McCool is here real last name…



Stacy joined the Paulie’s team at the end of 2016. She is currently studying Japanese Linguistics at Houston Community College. Stacy Moved to Houston in the summer of 1999 and loves the diversity that this city has to offer. Before returning to school last year, she worked in a variety of industries, Oil & Gas, Solar Power, Real Estate, and retail, before moving into the food industry. With a passion for coffee, she was eager for the opportunity to learn more about the craft and gain hands on experience with it.

Her love of the Japanese culture and country is what prompted her to go back to school to obtain a linguistic degree and she plans to continue towards getting certified as a translator. In the future, she hopes to move to Osaka or Tokyo to open up her own café there.

When not at work or school, she can be found exploring local coffee shops and bars around the city or spending time at home working on recipes or attempting to sew clothes. She has two helper cats, Mia & Akira, who love to work as paperweights for anything she needs to pick up.She also is a car enthusiast and is currently working on restoring her ’73 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia hardtop.

Paulie’s Counter Culture – Audrey Bailey

Audrey is Houston born and raised, except for the three years she spent in Detroit as a kid, but that doesn’t really count. She recently moved from Spring to Montrose and is loving every minute of it. She recently purchased a bicycle and loves to ride and explore the city to find new street art. “I personally am not artistic,” Audrey says, “But, I love to see other people’s artwork and have a mass appreciation for it all.”


While in Spring Audrey worked a wide variety of jobs, from an office job, to retail management all the way to being a “ghost hunter” leading tours through the haunted area of Old Town Spring. Audrey says that she really appreciates every job she has ever worked. She claims it made her more of a well rounded person and gave her a broader knowledge of several work industries. Before working at Paulie’s, she spent time at a popular Midtown bar/club as a promoter and assisted with event coordinating. Being forced to drive from Spring to Midtown everyday for work influenced her decision to move to the city. “I always wanted to move here, I just needed a little push.” Working here also inspired her to make event and venue management a future career.

She loves learning new things which helps her stay motivated at school. She’s about to wrap up her associates degree from Lone Star College and is hopeful to attend the UH Hospitality Program starting in the Fall of 2017.

When Audrey is not busy with work or school you can find her exploring museums or attending concerts. Seeing live music gives Audrey a thrill and will see almost any band. She first started going to concerts on a regular basis over eleven years ago and doesn’t see herself stopping anytime soon. Audrey has a wide variety of taste in music, her favorite genres are classic country, ska, reggae and pop punk. Audrey also spends a good amount of time at home with her pup, Little Man, and loves to buy him new outfits and accessories.

She joined the Paulie’s team through the words of friends and is loving every minute of it. Her knowledge of beer, wine and coffee is growing everyday. She knows taking every little bit in from the Paulie’s experience will help her all throughout life.

Paulie’s Counter Culture – Joshua!

Joshua is a born and raised Houstonian having resided on the east side of town his entire life so far. Growing up, he always seemed more inclined towards the visual and musical arts. While he was very involved in both during high school, he eventually had to make the ultimate decision to focus all his time and energy on Music.

Josh R


He graduated from North Shore Senior High School in 2011 and attended San Jacinto College North before finally transferring to The University of Houston in fall of 2014. There, Joshua auditioned for and joined the Moores School of Music where he pursues his degree in Music Education. While there he has participated in music groups such as the Moores School Percussion Ensemble, University of Houston Steel Pan Band as well as the Spirit of Houston Marching Band. Joshua is also drummer to local post­punk/post­rock band Bearlios. Joshua plays with Bearlios very frequently in the Houston area and have even played at venues such as The Scout Bar, Walters Downtown, Fitzgeralds, Numbers Night Club and The White Swan.

During his free time, Joshua can be found in the Westheimer/Montrose area of Houston hanging out with friends and exploring new coffee shops and bars. Josh finds this area to be the go­to place when it comes to finding new amazing restaurants and bars.

Joshua first heard about Paulie’s from his best friend, Kristina, who had recently began working there. He would visit her during her shifts to say hi and try to playfully distract her while working. While there, he became fond of the restaurant’s very relaxed atmosphere as well as the free cucumber water. It was about a year later when Kristina informed Josh that they were hiring at the restaurant to which Josh responded “sign me up”. Although Josh had no restaurant or coffee experience, the team took him in with open arms and immediately began training on everything food, beer, wine and coffee.

Aside from working at Paulie’s, Joshua also assists and works with the Kempner High School Marching Band where he specializes on working with the Front Ensemble. He also teaches percussion and piano private lessons in the Houston area.

Paulie’s Counter Culture – Sara Kim

Sara is currently a post-bac student studying Biology/ Pre-dental at the University of Houston. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and can speak fluent Korean. As a child she grew up around food helping her parents at their hole-in-the-wall burger shop on the southeast part of town. Working at Paulie’s definitely brings back childhood memories of growing up in a family business environment.



She can’t imagine living anywhere other than the South because she loves the warm weather, laid-back culture, southern hospitality, and most importantly the amazing food. She enjoys outdoor adventures, reading books and fashion blogs, living a healthy lifestyle, music festivals, and trying new restaurants. Most importantly she loves traveling to new places and immersing herself into different cultures around the world. Her desire to travel the world cultivated when she first went on a European Mediterranean cruise during high school then backpacked through Europe in college. She plans to backpack through Southeast Asia and South America in the near future.


She attended undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology. During her undergrad years is when she fell in love with the city of Austin and hopes to move back there someday. After graduating she took a year off before returning back to school to fulfill her dreams of becoming a dentist. Out of all the possible career choices dentistry interested her the most because it’s a career that is hands on, interactive, and always challenging one to learn and progress. She hopes to have a direct impact on people’s lives by building their self-esteem and confidence one smile at a time.


You can find her exploring different parts of Houston, trying new restaurants and bars, or eating Korean food in Korea-town. She is currently enjoying learning how to cook Korean food from her mother and has mastered a couple of delicious dishes. Working at Paulie’s has given her insight into a new found love for Italian food, wine, and latte art. She hopes to advance from being a novice latte artist and to be able to serve beautiful latte art to the Houston community!