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I think now is a good time to announce a new project I have been working on for several months now. Its not a new restaurant, but it is definitely restaurant related.

I have started a website,, that is a searchable database of Twitter handles of Who’s Who in the Food/Beverage industry from around the world. The database currently consists of 1,800 handles, and not even close to my goal. The people and businesses have been chosen at my discretion. These people may be innovators, leaders, or just solid individuals doing important things for our industry. The categories to choose from are Chefs, Restaurateurs, Coffee (baristas, roasters, growers), Booze (bartenders, sommelier), Purveyors, News/Press, and Food Trucks.

Also featured on the site will be profiles of people whom I think are doing great things in our industry, mostly from Houston, sprinkled with other US cities. As time moves on, you can expect the geographical range to expand.

The site is free. Although I plan to monetize the site in the future, it will always be free to users.

We have been live for a few weeks now. It is a work in progress, and will continue to grow. There is a Recommend It link on the site that will deliver a message directly to my inbox.

Enjoy it! Below are a few videos edited via from last weekends Umami dinner at Kata Robata.

Merry Christmas America!

UMAMI 12/18/11 Kata Robata

Peek into conāt

Tonight’s Special and Wine Tasting next Tuesday

Hello Friends!

Just a quick reminder of our “Friday night Special”:

Fettucini and Mussels

Mediterranean style mussels sauteed in EVOO, Sherry wine, onions, garlic and rosemary. Tossed in fettucini pasta.  Served with dinner salad and garlic bread.

Here are great choices to pair tonight with your dinner:

2010 Cantina del Taburno Greco (from Campania)

2008 Suavia Soave Classico “Monte Carbonare” (from the Veneto)

2010 Terlan Pinot Bianco (from Alto Adige)

Join us next Tuesday December 13th for a complimentary wine tasting from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. We will be sampling some of our great wines from our “100% Italian Wine Menu”All of our wines come from small, artisanal producers that really, really care what’s inside the Bottle.

Try off the beaten path for Thanksgiving!

We have selected a number of small, artisinal producers from Italy to pair with traditional American Thanksgiving fare. Crazy, right? Crazy like a fox! All of these carefully crafted wines will change everything you think about Thanksgiving wine pairing. The quality that comes from small family wineries where they own their land, grow their grapes themselves and make their wines painstakingly by hand is unmatched. The only thing better than these wines will be the Football on TV.

2008 Montepeloso “Eneo” (Tuscany)

A wine that will make you stop, look at your fellow guests and say: “Whoa”. Staggering complexity with an array of red fruit, floral notes and that gorgeous aroma of Tuscan countryside. (Trust me, smell the wine. You will get what I mean.)

For those that are into ratings…

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate (Antonio Galloni) : “The 2008 Eneo literally sparkles on the palate with vibrant red fruit, freshly cut flowers and spices. It shows remarkable tension and delineation all the way through to the resonant finish. This is a striking wine in every way. Floral notes reappear on the finish, along with iron, smoke and ferrous notes, all of which add considerable complexity. This is a dazzling effort from proprietor Fabio Chiarellotto. It is composed of 40% Montepulciano, 35% Sangiovese, 15% Marselan and 10% Alicante Bouschet. 93pts.”

2008 Foradori Teroldego Rotaliano (Trentino)

I am going to simply say this: Take a sip of this wine. Have a bite of your turkey. Enjoy a life changing Experience. You are welcome.

For those that are into ratings…

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate (Antonio Galloni) : “The 2008 Teroldego Rotaliano shows terrific purity and focus. The 2008 is a more cool, reserved vintage of this wine, with less exuberance, but plenty of drive and length. Anticipated maturity: 2011-2014.

Elisabetta Foradori continues to set a very high bar in Trentino and the rest of Italy, for that matter. 89pts.”

The Pinot Noir you will be talking about at every holiday party you attend. Graceful, subtle and stylish, who knew that the Dolomites would be producing Pinot Noir like this? Simply exquisite.

2008 Damilano Nebbiolo d’Alba (Piedmont)

With Thanksgiving you need a wine that is strong enough to stand up to the richness of gravy, have good acid to cut through the sweetness of sweet potato and cranberry and subtle tannin to pair with the Turkey. This super-flexible wine prooves yet again why Nebbiolo just might be the best all around red wine for food.

Flour + Water meets MJ

In case you missed this last week from my recent trip to San Fran.

Mama se mama sa mama cu sa

Day (and a half) Tripping to San Francisco

Sometimes when I need to clear the head and re-charge, I just take off.  Leaving my home, my job and my city most of the time puts things back into perspective.  Late Friday night after a tremendous service, I speed over to House of Blues to meet old friends for one of our fave performers, Warren Haynes.  I was hoping this would re-charge me so I wouldnt have to pony up for hotel and flights.  Nope.

Soon after I arrived home in the wee hours of the AM,  I sent out a Twitter message asking which domestic city would most people choose if only for a weekend.  I received Chicago, San Francisco, Kansas City, Portland, Louisville, Memphis, Seattle, NYC and a few other randoms.  I did a quick search for flights, considering times available and price, and arrived at San Francisco.  Booked.  I was leaving in 6 hours.  Shit, need to get to bed.

Now I realize there are dozens of establishments that I would love to try, but I only have one day.  And its raining balls.  Ive heard a lot of good things about Flour + Water.  Mostly that they make all their own pasta dough, and it comes out pretty good.  Thats right up my alley.  Im a little different when it comes to choosing a restaurant.  I usually stray from the obvious.  Although Id like a good meal, I dont need the stuffiness.  Plus I can take away many other things from a restaurant than just the food.  Location, entrance door, lighting, smells, music, servers, tables, chairs, floors, kitchen view, flatware, I could go on…glassware, buzz, name, logo, I mean I could do this all day…ceiling fans, busy table, color coordination, menu material, cleanliness, soap in bathroom, Its a sickness really.

Flour + Water was Italian, artisan and well designed.  I waited for close to an hour for a seat at the bar that looked straight through to the kitchen.











Well worth the wait.  I had the pasta tasting with All Italian wine pairings.  Perfect.  Cant wait to go back.


Directly before, I made a point to trek through the rain to get a coffee at Four Barrel.  Another gorgeous establishment doing fine work.












Did I come back with a clear head?  Dont think so, but it sure was fun!  Trying to kill hours at the airport and on planes, I had the opportunity to finish Grant Achatz book, Life, On the Line.  It was a perfect birthday gift.  Pretty inspiring in itself.  Must read for any chef and/or restaurateur.  Real shit.

I also realized I am now the guy in the restaurant with a huge camera.  What is happening to me?  I can attest, it was work related.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for

Sunday Wine Dinner with Michael Gaspard & Julio Hernandez

Welcome back everyone to Sunday Dinner at Paulie’s.  This time we are inviting Michael Gaspard into the house to do his thing, along side his old buddy and our new Wine Director, Julio Hernandez.

The theme will be Italian, as expected.  Italian flavors with Italian wines.

I am excited to have Gaspard back in the house.  Last time we worked together was for Linda’s Block Party several months ago, where he stole the show of course.

This time around we are just having fun!

Hope to see as many of you as possible!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Paulie’s Restaurant – 1834 Westheimer Rd.


Cost will be $100, this INCLUDES Julio’s brilliant wine pairings.  You may BYOB if you wish, but everyone will be receiving a pairing regardless.

We would like to limit seating to 25.

Proposed menu:



 fennel sformato, fall tomato, parmigiano



onion, crispy tripe, soft herbs


 raviolo, veal cheek, mushrooms, rapini agro-dolce


 slow braised pork, local polenta, caramelized whey


 Urban Harvest Market Fruit, Texas Madeira Zabaglione


Post Sunday Dinner with Mark Clayton

Going into this, I knew Mark was a workhorse.  I’ve had the luxury to get to know him through industry events and dinners such as last Sunday.  I had always heard he would work 14 hour days, never stopping to sit and enjoy a meal himself.  This work ethic instantly gets my respect, mostly because it reminds me of myself.  Its refreshing to see young cooks who embrace the demand of the game.

But what I hadn’t realized before last Sunday was that Mark has serious skills.  And has skills in an art that is near and dear to my heart, homemade pasta.  This isn’t easy and demands time and patience.  Patience was something else I noticed about Mark in the kitchen.  It is very easy for cooks to lose focus and get flustered as crunch time nears.  Mark never lost his cool. Chris Leung made an equally chill sous.  Great qualities all around.  Going to be a big player at restaurant conat.

Also want to thank Julio Hernandez for the gorgeous Italian wine pairings.  We have some great stuff in house right now through his recommendations.

Also want to thank the dynamic Barista couple Patrick and Candace for the refreshing iced coffee beverage.


Sunday’s Menu can be found on previous blog post.


Below are a few images from Sunday’s dinner courtesy of food lover and buddy, Randy Ho.