Paulie’s Counter Culture – Tania Osorio

My name is Tania Osorio, I am a Barista at Paulies restaurant. I was born in Houston Texas and graduated from Westbury High School in 2014. I’ve been working here for six months, and counting. I really enjoy the atmosphere, my friendly coworkers and especially the great customers.



I’ve been in the restaurant industry serving customers for six years. I have only worked two jobs prior to Paulie’s. I worked at Cafe Dolce Gelato in the Galleria, that is where I learned customer service is number one. Without the customer there is no business. It is very important to me to make sure every single customer is pleased and leaves with a smile. While working there, I also had a job with cleaning services for people with disabilities. It was a great experience because it allowed me to learn better communication skills. It gave me the experience of working with people first hand and allowed me to make connections with people. It has helped me in my previous job and in this job as well, with being able to connect with people at an even greater level.

When I’m not making customers happy, I enjoy traveling, meeting new people and visiting different places. I’ve been to Puerto Rico, Nevada, and Austin. I still have many places that I would like to visit like traveling to Europe, Hawaii, and see the the clear waters of Fiji. I also run, bike ride, spend time with my family, friends and my pet dog Chad.

Paulie’s has always been a place that I feel like I could go to for not only good food but to take my mind off of things. The atmosphere is great and the staff is always super friendly. I knew that Paulie’s would be a wonderful fit for me.

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