Paulie’s Counter Culture – Angel Rivera

Angel grew up in the Heights with her mom, sisters and grandma. In their home the dinner table was a favored place to discuss issues, play games and connect. It is still a favorite place to enjoy food and enjoy others.
In high school she recognized her love for people and stories. Movies were rich with metaphors, character development was meaningful and symbolism in books made life satisfying intellectually. Her mom was very hospitable as well and wanted to include people in their community into their world. After a death in the family, the value of one another and people became a priority. “You never know when you are in the final moments with someone you come into relationship with. So you have to take advantage of every opportunity to communicate love,” was a family mantra, “In the end, you only have each other,” was also something her family lived by. Since then relationships have been the most important factor in her life.
After graduating high school, Angel had the privilege of traveling to other countries to do community service and connect with different cultures. She has gone to Japan, Nicaragua, England, Germany, Jordan, and France to build water wells and partner with charities to do humanitarian work. This greatly shaped her view of the world and people by expanding her view of happiness and contentment in other cultures.
She went to Houston Baptist University to study Christianity and Psychology in order to work with spiritual and nonspiritual clients to counsel in the future. She then worked as a youth minister and fell in love with teenagers and families. After moving on from that job, she became a mentor to college students at the University of Houston at their Baptist Student Ministry. She learned how to be present to people’s struggles without trying to “fix” them. She felt that the ones she mentored taught her much more than she taught them about what it means to live a fully life.
Just recently she graduated with her Master’s in Counseling in order to be able to do Therapy full-time and is on her way towards becoming licensed to work with individuals and families. Her dream is to have her own private practice in an underserved community so that she might be able to see systemic injustices solved in her lifetime. Right now she is pursuing her Doctorate of Professional Counseling at the Houston Graduate School of Theology and is enjoying what she is learning.
In her spare time she likes to play the piano, draw, sing, watch movies, run and cook! Creativity is a big part of her life that brings her joy. She enjoys learning new ways to cook familiar foods. Her favorite meal is chicken and waffles and avidly searches for new takes on it. Paulie’s is a great environment of learning for her regarding food, wine and beer pairings and excellence in coffee!

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