Paulie’s Counter Culture – Sid Surrock

A native Houstonian who transplanted to San Antonio at the age of five, Sid’s earliest memories are of the neighborhood surrounding Paulie’s in the mid nineties. Though she lamented leaving Houston back in 1998, Sid says San Antonio turned out to be a great place to grow up. There she learned Spanish, nourished what would become a life-long passion for art, and always had access to the finest tacos in Texas.



After graduating high school in San Antonio and briefly working as secretary for her parents’ architecture firm, Sid returned to Houston to study art and German at the University of Houston. She spent some of her favorite times in 6-hour-long life drawing classes (the kind with the naked people) and working as a writing tutor at the UH Honors College. In the fall of 2015, Sid began a year of study abroad in Leipzig, Germany.  The European journey brought her many epiphanies: she decided to go vegan, acquired way more German than she’ll probably ever use, and knew for certain that she wanted to commit her life to making and teaching art. Before coming to Paulie’s in June of 2018, she worked as a barista at Café Cosmopolita in downtown Houston.

When she’s not serving up cappuccinos and taking orders at Paulie’s, Sid likes to spend quality time with her boyfriend and two cats. In addition to drawing, painting, and spending time outdoors, she’s developing skills in ceramics and volunteering with Friends for Life, a local cat and dog rescue organization.

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