Paulie’s Counter Culture -Kylen Tamboong

Kylen Tamboong was born and raised in Houston, Texas and now resides in the Cypress area.  Though he is of Filipino ethnicity, he is one hundred percent pure Houstonian.



As a child, he found his love for food, always eager to taste what his mother and grandmother would put together.  Taking from their experiences and practice, Kylen was able to teach himself how to cook meals for himself and his family. It was because of this that he became a foodie.  A lover of all things edible and wasn’t afraid to try anything that was presented in front of him.  It was always a treat for him to come down to Houston and search for any new places that might catch his eye

His other interests other than food include cars, photography, and board sports.  Kylen’s passion for cars started when he was only four years old. Watching “The Fast and the Furious” back in 2001 began his automotive journey.  Meeting and connecting fellow car enthusiasts from all around the world.  I think it’s safe to say that his automotive “fire” will not die out anytime soon.

Kylen remembers his first camera dating back to the late 2000’s with those old kodak disposable cameras that his parents gave to him on trips to capture all the memories with his family.  From there, his love for photography grew exponentially. Now, Kylen has a small list of clients that can contact him for a shoot.  He is not a published photographer yet, but he hopes to be in the coming years.

Board sports are another of one of his big passions in life.  From skateboarding to surfboarding, Kylen has done it.  Right now he is aiming to further his skill for snowboarding and surfing after finally acquiring his first snowboard in December of 2017 and his two surfboards in April of 2018.

All of Kylen’s previous jobs have had a very high customer interaction base.  His first job was at a Sonic Drive-In in 2013 as a carhop and his previous job was at Parkway Chevrolet in Tomball.  He loves being able to interact with the customers at his jobs because he aims to provide a good impression for the customer.  Working as a barista at Paulie’s and interacting with the customers is a perfect fit for him.

As of right now, Kylen is studying at University of Houston as a Mechanical Engineering major and hopes to land a career in the energy industry after graduation.  Living in Houston and studying to be an Engineer. What more could he ask for?

This is Kylen’s first job in the Houston area and he is beyond excited to be working at Paulie’s.

He is especially excited to be working and focusing on the drinking aspect of the job expanding his knowledge of beer, wine, and coffee.

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