Paulie’s Counter Culture – Stacy McCool

Yes, McCool is here real last name…



Stacy joined the Paulie’s team at the end of 2016. She is currently studying Japanese Linguistics at Houston Community College. Stacy Moved to Houston in the summer of 1999 and loves the diversity that this city has to offer. Before returning to school last year, she worked in a variety of industries, Oil & Gas, Solar Power, Real Estate, and retail, before moving into the food industry. With a passion for coffee, she was eager for the opportunity to learn more about the craft and gain hands on experience with it.

Her love of the Japanese culture and country is what prompted her to go back to school to obtain a linguistic degree and she plans to continue towards getting certified as a translator. In the future, she hopes to move to Osaka or Tokyo to open up her own café there.

When not at work or school, she can be found exploring local coffee shops and bars around the city or spending time at home working on recipes or attempting to sew clothes. She has two helper cats, Mia & Akira, who love to work as paperweights for anything she needs to pick up.She also is a car enthusiast and is currently working on restoring her ’73 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia hardtop.

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