Paulie’s Counter Culture – Sara Kim

Sara is currently a post-bac student studying Biology/ Pre-dental at the University of Houston. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and can speak fluent Korean. As a child she grew up around food helping her parents at their hole-in-the-wall burger shop on the southeast part of town. Working at Paulie’s definitely brings back childhood memories of growing up in a family business environment.



She can’t imagine living anywhere other than the South because she loves the warm weather, laid-back culture, southern hospitality, and most importantly the amazing food. She enjoys outdoor adventures, reading books and fashion blogs, living a healthy lifestyle, music festivals, and trying new restaurants. Most importantly she loves traveling to new places and immersing herself into different cultures around the world. Her desire to travel the world cultivated when she first went on a European Mediterranean cruise during high school then backpacked through Europe in college. She plans to backpack through Southeast Asia and South America in the near future.


She attended undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology. During her undergrad years is when she fell in love with the city of Austin and hopes to move back there someday. After graduating she took a year off before returning back to school to fulfill her dreams of becoming a dentist. Out of all the possible career choices dentistry interested her the most because it’s a career that is hands on, interactive, and always challenging one to learn and progress. She hopes to have a direct impact on people’s lives by building their self-esteem and confidence one smile at a time.


You can find her exploring different parts of Houston, trying new restaurants and bars, or eating Korean food in Korea-town. She is currently enjoying learning how to cook Korean food from her mother and has mastered a couple of delicious dishes. Working at Paulie’s has given her insight into a new found love for Italian food, wine, and latte art. She hopes to advance from being a novice latte artist and to be able to serve beautiful latte art to the Houston community!

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