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Paulie’s Counter Culture – Kristina Cunning

Our newest addition to the Paulie’s team – and recently engaged!


Kristina grew up on the east side in the Northshore area of Houston. She always enjoyed science classes in school and taking Biology her senior year got her extremely interested in the subject. She graduated high school in 2011 and started college at the University of Houston that fall as a biology major. Kristina didn’t necessarily have a plan, but as she began to give her future more thought, she realized that she wanted to help people, but wasn’t exactly sure how to pursue it. By the end of her freshman year of college she was an avid home cook and quite passionate about food. She finally started looking into the nutrition field and realized there was a way to combine the things she loved most. She would be able to pursue her scientific interests by learning about the human body and its interactions with food. She would also be able to provide a service to people by helping them create a better relationship with food and hopefully living healthier lives. Kristina is currently 2 classes away from graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nutrition. She plans on furthering her education with a dietetic internship and possibly a Master’s degree in the field. Kristina hopes to become a registered dietitian and eventually work with educating people in underprivileged communities. The one thing her mom always made sure of when she was growing up was that their family had a wholesome meal to eat, something many people are unfortunately unfamiliar with and one of the biggest determining factors for where she’d like to focus in the dietetic field.

Kristina began her first job the summer of her freshman year of college as a Barista at Dolce Delights. The job started her off in the field of hospitality and also exposed her to the coffee shop culture. She really enjoyed working with coffee and eventually found a job with Java Pura Coffee Roasters, a Houston-based coffee roasting company. There Kristina worked as a catering barista. People would hire Java Pura to send baristas with coffee setups (ranging from brewed coffee to several espresso bars) to various venues and serve beverages as needed. Working with Java Pura required a lot of independence and also introduced her to craft coffee.

Kristina has loved cooking and baking for as long as she can remember. She finds that there’s something beautiful about the way food unites people. When she was young, cooking would involve making spaghetti in the microwave or baking tollhouse cookies. As she grew up, her cooking abilities, thankfully, evolved and she developed her own personal style. Kristina began to ask if she could cook dinner for the family or bake cookies for the party she was attending, and realized how great it was to make people happy with her cooking. Recently, she has really gotten into coffee and beer/wine and finds it quite extraordinary how much there is to learn about these subjects. Kristina and her fiancée just purchased their first in-home espresso machine, which they are super excited to start experimenting with. Kristina has always felt strongly connected to nature. When she was a kid you’d practically have to drag her indoors at the end of the day. She likes to disconnect herself from the hustle of the world by camping somewhere beautiful every once and awhile. She really enjoys bike riding, which was her main source of transportation for several years, and also likes playing volleyball, racquetball, swimming and hiking. Kristina is very excited to start gardening and composting and is beginning to work on lessening her carbon footprint by living a more self-sustaining lifestyle. Music has and always will be an important part of her life. She was pretty dedicated to band in school and sometimes misses the feeling playing music gave her. In fact, she just picked up her flute for the first time in a year the other day, and was so happy she could still play a quality sound. When Kristina has the time, she enjoys relaxing by listening to good music. Bluegrass, folk and classic rock are her favorites.