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Paulie’s Counter Culture – Nicole Dallas

Nicole took time off to help her husband open a church, and has since re-joined the Paulie’s team.  She also found out recently she’s having a baby!


Nicole is a native Houstonian born and raised, but due to her gypsy heritage she’s most content when living out of a suitcase. She has spent time in 24 countries, countless cities, and the rest of the world is on her bucket list. She lived in Barcelona, Spain, for a little while to learn Spanish and experience a new culture, and got a surprise marriage proposal from her high school sweetheart (now husband) in Paris, France. But despite their shared love for Europe and her constant desire to wander, she and her husband have settled in Montrose for now, and the neighborhood holds a special place in her heart. She considers the Paulie’s crew as family, and if you know her, you know our Chicken Piccata is her favorite dish in the entire world, which both make staying in Houston easier.

She and her husband came to Montrose two years ago to plant a local church, Sojourn Montrose, and have devoted their lives to seeing it grow and flourish. Sojourners strive to be a people that open their lives and homes to one another and to the neighborhood of Montrose. They humbly admit they’re an imperfect church, yet have a deep desire to show people grace and love. Nicole will tell you that planting a church is the most difficult thing they’ve ever done, but hands down the most rewarding.

Nicole may be the quietest one in a room, but she loves being in the midst of people and finds joy in serving them. She has been working in coffee shops since high school and one of her favorite things about being in the food and beverage industry is having opportunities to listen to peoples‘ unique stories, especially in such a diverse place like Montrose. People bond over good food and drink and she enjoys getting to be a part of those experiences.

Though she’s not a fan of the Houston heat, Nicole enjoys biking, riding her moped, swimming, visiting various coffee shops, and relaxing at Menil Park with a good book. Of course, she’d prefer to do all of these things with her husband and her friends by her side. At home you can often find her playing the piano, something she’s been doing for the past 21 years and loves. She’s classically trained but a perfectionist to a fault, so getting her to play for you would take some serious persuasion (gaining courage is something she’s working on). She also enjoys baking and decorating cakes and dreams about becoming a pastry chef one day. Her biggest dream though is to one day be a mom.