Paulie’s Counter Culture – Carlo Magana

As promised, I am releasing a “resume” of each of my 10 Baristas at Paulie’s, one per week. We have a talented bunch behind our counter, I’d like to share their stories with you all.


This week’s resume comes from one of Paulie’s most interesting and eclectic employees.



Carlo has been at Paulie’s for nearly two years. You may recognize him; he looks a little like the actor James Spader– just a little heavier and shorter. He is active in local theater and writes pulp noir novellas that are set in Houston. Unsurprisingly, he considers himself a bit of an artist. I think you will find most baristas nurture little dreams of culture.

Carlo has performed in more than ten shows at the University of Houston Downtown campus, four or so at the Houston Community college main campus and three for local community theaters. Personal highlights include Bottom in Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream, Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, and Michael Katurian in Martin McDonagh’s The Pillow Man.

Carlo recently won Best Actor award for his performance as Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing.

Currently, Carlo is beginning a run of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, which he will be taking to the International Fringe Theatre Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In the mean time, he is also appearing with an improvisational theatre troupe called Her Majestys Players. He appears weekly, every Thursday night at the Alley Kat Bar and Lounge on Main street. The shows are free and energetic.

Carlo also enjoys writing. Two pieces have been published in literary journals and last year he self-published a pulp noir novella called In The Worst Way via An audio book version is in the works now. He hopes to have a follow up pair of novellas available before this summer.  

His noir novellas take place in Houston. He’s lived in Houston the vast majority of his life. Yes, he’s that annoying brat that is always defending his city. “I’ve always loved this dark, lonely metropolis. I like to say, If Austin is weird, then Houston is strange.”

That I think speaks well to himself. He’s a happy little bohemian pouring coffee turning all his regulars into characters.

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