Paulie’s Counter Culture – Dustin Curtis

As promised, I am releasing a “resume” of each of my 10 Baristas at Paulie’s, one per week. We have a talented bunch behind our counter, I’d like to share their stories with you all.


Our second release is Dustin Curtis, proprietor of the “Steakhouse”.



The opportunity came to put the small town life behind in 2012, so in favor of spontaneity, Dustin packed up and set out to see what experiences and opportunities Houston held for him. He was born in Denison, Texas and lived in various small towns surrounding Lake Texoma. Dustin’s family lives in north Texas and southern Oklahoma. The only person he knew in Houston was his cousin Erik. Dustin found that Houston is filled with great people and with their help he discovered the best parts of the city and is proud to call Houston his home.

Dustin’s experience in the food and service industry goes back nine years when he got his first job bussing tables at a resort on Lake Texoma. Over the years, he moved up through the various jobs within the industry include bussing, waiting, bartending, and running the entire full service and delivery catering operation for Carino’s Italian restaurant. Before moving to Houston, Dustin was working everyday helping run the family liquor store in Madill, Oklahoma. Dustin got his first job in Houston at the Cheesecake Factory in the galleria waiting tables and quickly moved up to bartender. He held this job for a year until a friend, Patrick Dougherty, referred him to Paulie’s. Patrick believed that the quality food, neighborhood charm, and family atmosphere of the staff were a perfect fit. Dustin joined Paulie’s in January of 2013. Dustin now lives with two other Paulie’s employees, Carlo Magana and Kevin Mathis; in a house they have dubbed “The Steakhouse”. Dustin recommends his favorite dish, the Shrimp BLT with added avocado followed by the Nutella rocky road ice cream for dessert to any first time guest to Paulie’s.

Dustin resumed his studies after moving to Houston and attends the University of Houston-Downtown business school in pursuit of an accounting degree. He is set to graduate in spring of 2016. He hopes to apply these skills to helping develop new businesses and investing in people with great visions and ideas. Dustin’s main hobbies and passions are cooking and music. The guitar is his instrument of choice. He enjoys all types of music, but favors jazz, classic rock, and classic country. Dustin loves baseball and enjoys spending his free time at a MLB game, go Rangers!


Stay tuned to each week for a new resume.

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