Paulie’s Counter-Culture

I am really impressed and happy about how well our counter-service restaurant has been received in our neighborhood. It has proven to have stability and longevity, as we are celebrating 16 years this April.

It hasn’t always been easy gaining respect from patrons for our hard-working Baristas multi-tasking while on their feet behind a counter. There seems to be a stigma about people behind a counter serving food and beverage. I am picky on who works with us in this restaurant family. And after years of training and sourcing, we have a very talented bunch of working Baristas behind our counter. I realize it is difficult to get to know them in the short time you are conversing about a transaction, so I’d like to take this opportunity to share these stories with you all.

I am calling this Paulie’s Counter-Culture. Our counter-culture focusing on the fact hard-working, talented people work behind counters as well.

I will release a story of each Barista once a week, so you all have a chance to really know these guys and their talents, besides being diligent, responsible employees. The stories will be released on Paulie’s blog, We will share that link on Twitter (@pauliepetro) and Facebook (Paulie’s Restaurant) each week.

First one coming next week.

Say hello to them next time you are in!

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