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Paul FEEDS 2.0


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Houston, TX –

People in my close circle know about a website I have been working on for almost two years now,  I have had an amateur version live recently, then decided it was time to seek a professional designer and programmer, which I found in San Francisco,  Now I am ready to launch PaulFEEDS 2.0.  The concept was incubated from my want of Food & Beverage professionals recognizing other Food and Beverage professionals.

I believe we need food writers and critics, no matter if we disagree on opinions.  They do make us better, whether consciously or subconsciously.  There are comments that stick with us, linger around, sometimes they may not even be pertinent, but they stick.  F&B professionals are putting themselves out there.  We can be vulnerable as our heart and soul lie on a plate, or our experienced and educated palate fill the glass.  We can be sensitive, its true.

On the other hand, there are too many “Foodie” sites going the wrong direction.  One that comes to mind is Yelp.  Yelp is a public forum that allows anyone with internet access to post comments AND photos of any F&B establishment on the site.  Even if the comments are false and the food pictures are NOT from the establishment, Yelp has refused to remove false information in the past.  This now becomes public information to others who have never visited but already have negative thoughts in their head, false or not!  Its not really the users’ fault, they don’t have a better influence.

In my hopes, will fill that void.  The void of recognition of professionals, by professionals.  I will NOT review restaurants, food or beverage.  I WILL recognize industry professionals and establishments for their skills, knowledge, progression, community relations, leadership or just overall bad-ass-ness.  On top of that, the site has a growing database of Twitter handles of those professionals.  Twitter is so important in our industry.  By sharing these Twitter handles, hopefully they will be “followed” more, drawing the attention to these individuals and eateries, and away from cynical public forums.  The database is composed of Chefs, Bartenders, Sommeliers, Restaurateurs, Baristas, Purveyors, Writers, Mobile Food and more.  The database is global, and I hope to expand to include more over-seas prospects soon.  At the moment it is very U.S. heavy.  As I travel, or as word of mouth travels to me, it will grow.  I also have “Get Featured” option where you can share with me your idea of prospects to include.  After I do my research, I may or may not include those.  I HIGHLY encourage as much help as possible.  I cannot be everywhere, all the time.  Share with me those who need to be shared.  If I do choose your submission to be included, your name will appear on the Contributors page!

The site does not generate income at this time, and was built on a personal budget.  As the site grows I will seek advertisers to help with expenses.  My advertisers will be just as important as my subjects.  I would like to include industry equipment, vineyards, spirits, purveyors, etc, whom I believe in.  I am currently exploiting and as guinea pig advertisers.  They have been gracious enough to let me include them as my first “test” advertisers.  Honestly, I couldn’t have picked any better two.

The name, PaulFEEDS was not my first choice.  I do not like naming things after myself.  I originally wanted the domain, but it is currently parked with an extremely high price.  So I gave that site owner the finger and moved on.  After very little word play, I chose Paulfeeds.  It seems to pair well with my other day job,, which I also did not name after myself.

I will not spend money marketing the site.  It will solely depend on word of mouth and social media.  So please spread the word and share with me your ideas on the “Get Featured” page!

Thank you,

Paul Petronella