Chris Leung Dessert Tasting 11/20/11

Another successful private dinner at 1834 Westheimer.  This time with Houston Pastry Chef Chris Leung.  Chris has been in our kitchen before, but this was the first time for him to run the show.  And this time Rucker was the helping hand.  I believe the conat crew has great comradery.  Its fun to watch them work together.  They’ve been through a lot together, and they’re stronger for it.

Chris sent out 5 gorgeous dessert tastings, Rucker added 2 delicious savory vegetable courses.  The Paulie’s Barista crew paired coffee beverages, beer and Italian sodas for the guests.  That crew consisting of Marshall Guthrie, Josh Busby, and Dean Tryst.

These dinners are always fun, and important for culinary growth in our city.  Without a venue to perform, young chefs cant fine tune their skills.  Nor will patrons have the opportunity to experience their skills.  Im proud to have hosted all of the talent I have over the past 3 years:  Randy Rucker, Seth Siegel-Gardner, Justin Yu, Michael Gaspard, Amanda McGraw, Mark Clayton, Chris Leung, David Buehrer, Aaron Lara, Jon Hone, Julio Hernandez and several other young talented industry folk.  Paulie’s parking lot has also hosted a few Food Truck events, including a couple of Modular’s first outings.

From an industry insider to you, let me tell you how special 2012 is going to be for Houston.  I can never say enough about this generation’s Food & Beverage professionals.  This city is changing, but not without hard work and persistence.  2012 is the year of Houston.  Promise you that.

Coming Christmas Eve will be Ned Elliott from Foreign & Domestic in Austin.  Ned will be offering the Feast of Seven Fishes.  Click link for more info, dont miss this one!



And now visual enjoyment…


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