Day (and a half) Tripping to San Francisco

Sometimes when I need to clear the head and re-charge, I just take off.  Leaving my home, my job and my city most of the time puts things back into perspective.  Late Friday night after a tremendous service, I speed over to House of Blues to meet old friends for one of our fave performers, Warren Haynes.  I was hoping this would re-charge me so I wouldnt have to pony up for hotel and flights.  Nope.

Soon after I arrived home in the wee hours of the AM,  I sent out a Twitter message asking which domestic city would most people choose if only for a weekend.  I received Chicago, San Francisco, Kansas City, Portland, Louisville, Memphis, Seattle, NYC and a few other randoms.  I did a quick search for flights, considering times available and price, and arrived at San Francisco.  Booked.  I was leaving in 6 hours.  Shit, need to get to bed.

Now I realize there are dozens of establishments that I would love to try, but I only have one day.  And its raining balls.  Ive heard a lot of good things about Flour + Water.  Mostly that they make all their own pasta dough, and it comes out pretty good.  Thats right up my alley.  Im a little different when it comes to choosing a restaurant.  I usually stray from the obvious.  Although Id like a good meal, I dont need the stuffiness.  Plus I can take away many other things from a restaurant than just the food.  Location, entrance door, lighting, smells, music, servers, tables, chairs, floors, kitchen view, flatware, I could go on…glassware, buzz, name, logo, I mean I could do this all day…ceiling fans, busy table, color coordination, menu material, cleanliness, soap in bathroom, Its a sickness really.

Flour + Water was Italian, artisan and well designed.  I waited for close to an hour for a seat at the bar that looked straight through to the kitchen.











Well worth the wait.  I had the pasta tasting with All Italian wine pairings.  Perfect.  Cant wait to go back.


Directly before, I made a point to trek through the rain to get a coffee at Four Barrel.  Another gorgeous establishment doing fine work.












Did I come back with a clear head?  Dont think so, but it sure was fun!  Trying to kill hours at the airport and on planes, I had the opportunity to finish Grant Achatz book, Life, On the Line.  It was a perfect birthday gift.  Pretty inspiring in itself.  Must read for any chef and/or restaurateur.  Real shit.

I also realized I am now the guy in the restaurant with a huge camera.  What is happening to me?  I can attest, it was work related.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for

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