2500 Summer St.

Today I heard sad news.

One of Paulie’s favorite artist, Omar McDonald requested a quick meeting with me.  Omar wanted to share some of the new pieces he was considering for the restaurant.  Of course I loved them, as always.

I also love his studio.  Omar’s studio space has always been a peaceful destination for me.  I remember when I first discovered it, by accident.  I was toying around on my bike along Washington Ave., which then was under-developed.   Trying to get lost so I could discover new places, hidden gems and/or new business space.  And there I saw them.  Enormous heads.  LOTS of enormous heads.  So I got closer and discovered they were heads of US Presidents!  And they were easily 40-50 ft. tall!  Why have I never seen this before?!  Who’s making these?!  Where are they going?!

Ever since, I get lost back on Summer St. whenever I have a mind block or just need reassurance the heads still exist.  Omar told me today the property has been bought and will be turned into retail space.  This made me sad.  I love that lot.

Omar, along with the other artists these two warehouses support, will be looking for new space soon.  To ensure he will be financially stable once the move arrives, he needs to sell, sell, sell.  Omar has always occupied the lone brick wall in the back of Paulie’s, and always will.  Omar has a full show at Paulie’s now through Dec. 1.  His art is also available on omarmcdonald.com.  He has been featured in several home furnishing magazines, local and national.

If you or someone you know is looking to pick up a new piece for the house, please take a look at his creations.  Very unique and intelligent.

If you haven’t already, please venture back to 2500 Summer St.  Very close to Washington and Sawyer intersection.  Get a glimpse before they leave!

Thanks for reading.

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