Post Sunday Dinner with Mark Clayton

Going into this, I knew Mark was a workhorse.  I’ve had the luxury to get to know him through industry events and dinners such as last Sunday.  I had always heard he would work 14 hour days, never stopping to sit and enjoy a meal himself.  This work ethic instantly gets my respect, mostly because it reminds me of myself.  Its refreshing to see young cooks who embrace the demand of the game.

But what I hadn’t realized before last Sunday was that Mark has serious skills.  And has skills in an art that is near and dear to my heart, homemade pasta.  This isn’t easy and demands time and patience.  Patience was something else I noticed about Mark in the kitchen.  It is very easy for cooks to lose focus and get flustered as crunch time nears.  Mark never lost his cool. Chris Leung made an equally chill sous.  Great qualities all around.  Going to be a big player at restaurant conat.

Also want to thank Julio Hernandez for the gorgeous Italian wine pairings.  We have some great stuff in house right now through his recommendations.

Also want to thank the dynamic Barista couple Patrick and Candace for the refreshing iced coffee beverage.


Sunday’s Menu can be found on previous blog post.


Below are a few images from Sunday’s dinner courtesy of food lover and buddy, Randy Ho.

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