I think now is a good time to announce a new project I have been working on for several months now. Its not a new restaurant, but it is definitely restaurant related.

I have started a website,, that is a searchable database of Twitter handles of Who’s Who in the Food/Beverage industry from around the world. The database currently consists of 1,800 handles, and not even close to my goal. The people and businesses have been chosen at my discretion. These people may be innovators, leaders, or just solid individuals doing important things for our industry. The categories to choose from are Chefs, Restaurateurs, Coffee (baristas, roasters, growers), Booze (bartenders, sommelier), Purveyors, News/Press, and Food Trucks.

Also featured on the site will be profiles of people whom I think are doing great things in our industry, mostly from Houston, sprinkled with other US cities. As time moves on, you can expect the geographical range to expand.

The site is free. Although I plan to monetize the site in the future, it will always be free to users.

We have been live for a few weeks now. It is a work in progress, and will continue to grow. There is a Recommend It link on the site that will deliver a message directly to my inbox.

Enjoy it! Below are a few videos edited via from last weekends Umami dinner at Kata Robata.

Merry Christmas America!

UMAMI 12/18/11 Kata Robata

Peek into conāt

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  • David Courage

    My wife and I have been enjoying Paulie’s for some time now. Especially the Thursday night special. It’s popular though, and sometimes it sells out. Understandably so, it’s delicious.

    So last night (1/12) we made sure to get there early, and arrived at the beginning of dinner service to get one of our favorites. We tried to order the ossobuco at 6:17 pm, and we were denied. There were none left!

    We left, and our evening plan of a simple and decent meal turned into an unexpected hassle.

    Now, I understand that you can’t predict how any given nightly special will go. But I would guess that the cold weather may have given you a clue that the ossobuco might sell a few more plates. But I would expect you could at least make it longer than 17 minutes!

    Am I wrong? Exactly how early does one need to arrive?

    Thanks for listening.
    David Courage

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